Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Biblical Phrases

Well hello children. My name is Nathan, but you kids can call me Jezebel. I enjoy the finer pleasures in life. Those being music, books, well lit places, friends in such crevices, drugs, and the outlook ignorance perverts the world with. The dressings of such maneuver the laws and dictatorship of the land in creating a manner of life unapparent in it's justness and flawed to the very core. Still with me? Great, grand in fact, because I tend to rant and forget the meaning of life. Which is: fly high, undetected, and secure funds to incite the world with labeling the wasps of wind you set forth as worthy of having a "legacy". A denotation given to the beings who through better or worse, gave some jackass the bright idea to carve their words into some remaining form. I care for nothing of the such. I wish to address an audience and cause an uproar over the insipid tendencies our parallel coworkers in this demented universe which some deity took upon itself the job of fucking their morality...

You don't grasp the meanings of my angst? Welp, I tried. I am incoherent and I babble. It's no secret, I'm dumber then hell and more lethargic then any grade school teacher you've ever had the displeasure of laying your eyes on. Regardless I think I have a decent taste in things of worth. Unlike this blog. So enjoy this song I'm about to allow you to stumble upon. It's by a little noise rock outlet that goes by the name of Brutal Juice.

Enjoy. Sorry if anything was Lost in Translation.

Here's my account by the way. See if we mesh well: Jesus Son


  1. I'll be adding you on :)

  2. What kind of Christian are like catholic, orthodox etc?