Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Anger and..

Every feel the need to break shit? Well.. I don't. I feel the need to allow the idjits in this world to slowly eradicate the lives they have and plunge into the eventual pathetic world they once criticized. This of course would be the wealthy migrants who are completely against allowing the rights of well...everyone. You're an immigrant you say? Go the hell back where you came from. Oh, where do I derive from you ask? 'Murrica. The place you be sittin' boi. Logic should snap into the mindsets of this foolish individuals but the moral decency which maintains the civilness of the common man has been circumvented by greed. Once a lie grasps onto the mindset of these folk, it tend to sprout into a big ugly fucker. The common man is a lazy fucker, these people say. They are drunkards who aren't even worthy of opening our doors to them and paying their wages. In this one will find the sons of frat boys. In this one finds closeted serial murders and rapists. Unchecked in their sadism the mind tells the body to push and drive and bite and chew any fucking thing it sees. Before long the body is lunching over the torso of a small child. Grunting in it's thrusts. It's pretty much down to a math. Greed is good. On with Reaganism. It all flows downhill.

Shit that is.

Enjoy some more tunage.