Sunday, February 27, 2011


It'll pour all over your head and you know you must be dead.

I came on over, and shot the sheriff. I believe in things called love but for self-righteous and personal reasons. Abortion is rad and baby fucking is even cooler. The first thing about life is don't talk about life. Think of me as a ball of wit and tomfoolery. Take this and wrap that in violet colored silk. Then smoke a blunt, reflect on the abstract and stupidity that Guns and Roses call music, and let the world glide aimlessly into oblivion as you morph the clouds into shapes predestined for eternal glory.

If your going to add me, leave a shout as well. Maybe we can learn to live and love and you can fly down south and eat my ass out. For a reasonable price that is.



  1. Hey man, I'm adding you and leaving a shout~

    By the way, nice song. I'll be checking out that band.

    I've got a blog where we talk about music, come by if you want.

  2. Nice video. Thanks!