Wednesday, March 2, 2011


An exercise in conscious bewilderment:
Now am I saying a businessman can't be greedy is the aspect that the thrill of the business and the creation and expansion of an idea that your basically helped create or where the creator of and by this store/business what have you, that through this creation alone you have not only benefited society but you have felt and the highs and pleasures of doing something worthy of substance. Of course you want to be respected by those you in turn respect for numerous reasons or another, but the fact of the matter is that I truely think the families and actors and directors whom have essentially ingrained themselves usually not on purpose, in the culture of our society. 9 times of out 10 it was to create a piece of thought or idea to one prove to yourself that you as an individual like many individuals whom until this moment of realization in your endevors and your talents, thought these people in there creation of narration and ability to physically morph an idea may it even be a connotatted picture, into something not only palpable to a person whom you've never even come into contact with but you're creating by far the most beautiful gift of all. Inspiration. The people whom can do these ridiculous physical feats which usually they have practiced and had this level of attentiveness to an interest and love in their life which I really wish I had. I can babble what's wrong and the easier life would be if everyone just sat around and viewed each other's ideas but to a lot of people whom are much more influential/intelligent/cooler/selfless this regurgitation of the flaws is what's wrong. Most people can pinpoint the overall problems and the roots of those issues in this world. What people do have though which repulses me in a person's sensibility is this idea that their experience/genius/belief/action is not only the obvious way of doing it but the people who suggest otherwise are terrorists or extremists or what have you. Everyone is their ideals or their way about living is extreme and completely unfathomable in the eyes of another, but when you can sit there and listen and even ask questions and see the points and where these extremists see as the justification in the abrasiveness in their words/actions. Of course this isn't always right either but if you for a second group all muslims, all people from the middle east together in ideologies and beliefs then you are no more ignorant and probably even more so in the sheer fact that you KNOW BETTER you just don't care, you just are selfish and for some truely perverted reason you can see the silliness in being racist, assuming things about people based on religious affilitions, but those same people whom tend to be one the extreme christ side of things, will call for a persacution and punishment for mexicans and for muslim immigrants coming over here from the middle east. These people are the ones who decide and don't really even have a good idea of the lifestyle and the way that they think, simply because they were probably raised with the belief that your personal beliefs are sidenotes to the synopsis that everyone must abide by and that even by simply being around people whom don't hold the thiest/christian dogma which is induced by fear and nothing else. I have zero problem and even sometimes think myself that their is a higher power responsible for all of this and that some point in time he did make contact with humanity/beings on our planet or on other area's of space. At the same time the whole justification of violent and downright horrid crimes and beliefs that extremists whom are so diluted by the brainwashing and lack of free thinking that they've done on their own that they miss by far the largest truth of the bible/religions/philosophers and people who have the ability to think even to a limited extent for themselves, that love and kindness trump all. I would rather hang out and discuss the meanings and reasons behind, what to me is insanity and is strictly for sexual/personal gain a person who commits acts of rape/robbing/what have you when his action is in some way maybe not always immediatly, effecting the life of another individual in a forced manner. This person would probably say that the only way you can teach people who hold their reasoning in cult like religious worship is by the same level of craziness. The realigious folk just are frightened and I don't know if it's the fact that they are just scared by the prospect of death within itself or the fact that if their isn't a afterlife what's the point in going out of your way,essentially hurting yourself, to better the lives of others. That emotion is unattainable and if the sheer act of doing good for the pleasantries of peace and harmony, then justify and make sense of the lessons and ways we can bring about permanent change through violent crimes. Never is a violent crime down to benefit the ends justifying the means, it instead is always to smite, upset, hurt people in groups or in ideological views that are the most susectable in giving in to the extremists or would sacrifice their own way of life to ensure innocent and unsuspecting individuals aren't made targets strictly to get a raise or prove a point. This idea is impossible for America to figure out though in the sense that we should just allow the basically sadistical leaders who control the middle east to retake control of the lands which we know occupy because far more citizens and families are getting killed,split up and basically blinded by the extreme viewpoints which to them and it really does, are the only ways of getting a message across to a nation a thousand miles away and built on a different culture/standard of citizens entirely. Sadly the people whom attempt to bring about change realize that the only longterm not to meantion secure and careful way to do this would be to substract themselves from having to decide between just the two sides. If you choose the imposing power you are essentially saying to your family, friends, culture, way of life that yes America is fucked but I'd rather throw my chips in the ring to a foreign lifestyle because currently this one seems quite fucked. This level of thinking isn't supported by our troops nor by the terrorist groups who are fighting the insurgency their. Both want the citizens to act as essentially spy's for both groups and when they refuse they both get categorized unfairly. This level of thinking certainly is sad but it can also bloom an understanding and desire to fix and morph the once beautiful religious and culture that at one point made a lot of the volatile points in the middle east a lot more safe and simplier. America is certainly to blame though for the invasion and empowerment and manipulation which we basically did with the middle east governments to hurt the overall quality of living for their people, and when the community based (essentially that's what the Taliban and Al-Quada is although the Taliban is certainly more concerned about gaining back the culture and lifestyle, which they led Iraq in prior to 2001 in the same way that they had been running in for decades. Only now when we have a reason to justify war (9/11 which a good majority of our citizens view as being purpotrated by the leaders of the groups whom we are fighting now which is so far from the case it's daunghting, to the fact that our government actually may have been responsible for the level of destruction/death which occurred on 9/11. I am not certain in either belief but their is a lot of information our government is certainly covering up that occured on 9/11 that makes very little sense. In fact the idea that we would commit an attack against our own people and then blame it on a foreign enemy no one really has any proof is desire of disclaiming, it's the perfect and most deviant hustle any government or leaders in general have committed to perpetuate and make valid and otherwise and still pretty blatant lie. The only thing that is certain as far as life and the thoughts and morals which fuse the love and imagination which fuel the wonders of our world, and the fact that greed and legacy, in a person whose weakness but level of thought and meaning of validity in the actions which are most powered by our ideals and morals. People who have gained a blanket of narcissism which is fueled by many things, primarily stupidity. Very rarely will you find a person who is not only considered a genius but highly regarded for their contributions in the discovery or new ideas developed, whom is entirely egotistical and steadfast in the belief that they are essentially more wise and intelligent so no matter what argument can be made or suggested in that matter against the new and usually unusual take on a past idea, they denounce it and contribute the comment to attempt at diluting this newfound and fairly puzzling view which they themselves have concocted. Most true genius's and persons who are essentially only being in the entire world to contain the level of creativity, ingenious and imagination very rarely aren't open to ideas. Certainly not when they have the draft/overview of the project. In fact most people who really enjoy the creative process, the narration of ghosts and voices which could have belonged to someone at sometime but currently you are their creator, their parent and their conscious. Most most creations which are truelly beautiful and really form a niche in the idea that not exactly every idea or every story has been told that in fact that is impossible because the journalist/writer/especially novelist or screenwrite is simply the muse and physical robot that the ideas,worlds,people bubble to the service and by the time you actually have a setting/plot/character list the possibilities are endless and really the author cannot have any chance at morphing the characters as he wants them to be, they just are. Certainly they are taken and born from people,experiences,emotions that are sampled from the authors mind and then let loose to do and act and screech however they see fit. I don't think I could ever write a sequal, or a series of novels. Simply because of the level of raw emotion which I think that if my characters are smart enough or verbose enough they could fit their noir in however they see fit but once that stories told one can't just pull at the possibilities that could or should have taken place. Life isn't like that, and so why should the art of purpetuating life and creating a story for the aesthetic purpose of entertainment but also for the depth and anger that is alot easier to justify and wipe off when your character is saying it or committing acts of vengeance that are terrible but you know what? More things are terrible then pleasant. Without a terrible incident their would be no climax, and their would be no hero. Something horrendous is what changes and brings a person to action. That could be the simple mundane dragness that until now has seemed to be just a learning curve for your life but then it begins to settle in that no one will ever hear or respect your opinions or your accolades. In fact the only way to ensure your mark which some people whom are fairly boring but have a different view of things certainly then I see as completely ok in fact it's preferred. The people whom can live a seperate world entirely in their head and concoct fascinating stories which they can neither nor really have any desire to make public or published. The beauty of dreams is that they are truely unique experiences and by setting up this plot which literally keeps the person inside their heads for days, once it's outside and on paper in this linear fashion it seems unfair. Unfair that now you sold the only true form of expression and if you had any integrity at all for the art and beauty one gains from storytelling then you wouldn't ruin it by making it end and making it have this concrete and weird narrative that sure can mean this than and the other but people whom are nuns are more conscious of the depth and fascination with life and the mannerisms which subsequently arrange themselves in ways which becomes our conscious. The idea that you can create this non-sequitor and then call it this and that and whatever is nice in the fact that most truely fascinating artists, certainly not novelists usually and sometimes directors,screenwriters, is the interpretations that the audience gets to partake in. That level of creativity that sure you as the creator have the rights to but the thoughts and ideas and interpretations and suqsequent other plots and themes that a person with an imagination literally runs wild at any story which is interesting or pertains to them in some way. They may go on and take what little they learnt from your bland,boring,one dimensional story and from this anger or whatever emotion they gained and what really set into drive the fuck it I just want to attempt my dream in life, and if I fail well I'll just mold back into the fabric of society, sit alone and be a prophet of rage whom people less knowledgable or silly interpret as anger for not gaining or for finding out that what you thought was special, what was unique for you in the sense that sure people could write and create and speak in more fascinating ways which led to more fascinating sequences but not in the manner and way that you did it. Narration is a fucking gorgeous thing, and very rarely does it go away. Show me a passage from a King novel and even't if I haven't even heard of the novel two things would be certain: the writing would be clear and concise, and the voice and tone of the writing would have some mannerism/speech pattern that anyone who really enjoys/has read King would pick up immediatly. What frightens me at least, in the aspect of being able once I reach adulthood and hopefully gain a job as a journalist or whatever, when I try to create my own story, do my own novel, will I try to hard? Will it not make sense? Will the audience and anyone with half a brain grow weary of the similar vocabulary that almost by a rhythm you can forsee? The most frightening thing of all is that I will write this story, give it to someone, and they will see it as just another shit novels that some twenty year old stoner who never had ever tried or strided that hard, at least any harder then they felt necessary to attain the grades/girls/friends laughs and you know what? Why should I try? The beauty to me, is that as I ramble and go on and on, this affirmation of my at least narrative conscious that I have crafted for years now simply on the essence that I fully enjoy talking to people and having what some would find boring or annoying or whatever discussions based on actual things. The fluff and filler that cloggs the gutters of the media and conversations we strike up between peers and strangers simply to allow that person the belief that yes, you really are somewhat interested in the classes you are taking for that truelly pertains to the person you are/where/will become. The whole attachment to success that we tangle with intelligence is stupid. People are stupid. People are smart. People are open minded. People are bigots. Fuck em'.



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